About Us

Mint Hill Garage Doors has been serving and fixing garage door problems since 2010. We aim to give you quick and reliable garage door services.

With a team of proficient specialists, we answer all of your garage door problems. Our licensed professionals service commercial and residential garage doors without a problem. The team members can understand which parts to use, what needs replacement, and when you need repairs.

Our decade-long experience in the field has equipped us with the precision required to finish our services in a day. To provide reliable and trustworthy solutions to your garage issues, we utilize only top-notch quality hardware.

Our customers are a top priority for us. Regardless of the time, we ensure to provide garage door services to you in Mint Hill, NC. You can even call us in the middle of the night and we immediately process your service request.

To make sure that you have all the information you need, our helpline number is 24/7 active. You can speak to our professionals to get an estimate on our services, inquire about the spares we have, book an appointment or reschedule.

Mint Hill Garage Doors aims to give you a 360-degree garage door cover. From installations to repairs, our skilled professionals can do it all. We inspect, recommend and service any garage door problem you encounter.

Our Ethics

Quality services

We believe in providing you robust services that last. Not only do our professionals double-check their work, but they also make use of superior quality hardware. For all our repairs and replacements, we make use of branded products. We leave no room for second-best solutions.

Step-by-step service process

We follow a step-by-step process during our services. Our experts note down what you want, inquire about your needs, and visit the address. Then they inspect, repair, or replace and then perform security checks. Our team follows the same process for every service we offer you to ensure quality is not compromised.

Transparent Costs

At Mint Hill Garage Doors, we charge you for the services you ask for. Before we begin our service, we communicate the prices for every aspect. We are clear about our service costs, and of the spare parts. Our itemized invoices show up with the amount that we discussed before. There are no hidden costs.

Check Out Our Services

Garage Door Installation

A garage door adds visual appeal as well as acts as a security line for your buildings. Our skilled technicians give you a variety of options to choose from. Our professionals install garage doors in a day. We are equipped to help you find the perfect fit for your needs.

Garage Door Opener Replacement

Faulty garage door openers lead to jammed garage doors. Mint Hill Garage Doors understands the urgency of fixing a broken garage door opener. Our technicians are qualified to understand what kind of opener will work the best for your door. We also teach you how to operate the new door opener.

Garage Door Opener Repair

Garage door openers are fragile. The internal wires and circuits become stuck or intertwined. This will leave your garage door inoperable. Our garage door opener repair service ensures that the opener is fixed as soon as possible. Do you have a malfunctioning door opener? Leave it to us.

Garage Door Track Replacement

Impaired garage tracks are dangerous to be around. These can fall off the hinges and land on you. Bent tracks put uneven pressure on the sides. If you continue to use it, the door can come off the frame. We replace broken and bent tracks to make your door completely functional.

Garage Door Rollers Replacement

If your door has been jerking, is taking too long to lower, or is making noises, you have a garage door roller problem at hand. Our professionals will visit the location, find the damaged rollers and replace them without causing you trouble.

Garage Door Cables Repair and Replacement

Garage door cables are a crucial part of the entire mechanism. If you see wires coming out of the door or hear whirring sounds, it is a clear sign of cable damage. When you see this happen, give us a call. Our experts will fix the issue. 

Garage Door Spring Replacement

Garage door springs are crucial for lifting and closing the door. With the heavy-duty work, these deteriorate rapidly. Damaged springs do not allow for easy garage door operation and are a huge safety concern. If your garage door cables are damaged, Mint Hill Garage Doors will replace them for you.

Garage Door Panels Replacement

Atmospheric conditions, like rain, humidity, etc., make the panels weak. Damaged panels will leave your door half open. This creates a security concern. If you see your panels peeling off or beginning to come off, rely on Mint Hill Garage Doors. We even add windows in place of older panels.

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