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The working mechanism of garage doors is comprised of many elements. Each element works in unison to lift and close the door. Cables are one of those elements and are attached to the brackets on the sides of the door.

The primary job of the cables is to stop the spring from breaking. When you experience garage door failures and malfunctions, you should check the cable.

A quick garage door cable repair or replacement service by Mint Hill Garage Doors will help your door function properly. With ten years of experience in the domain, we provide you long-term solutions.

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Garage doors and common types of cables

The type of cable is based on the garage door you have. Automatic and manual garage doors cables differ. Additionally, the length of the garage door cables depends on the lift type, size, and weight of the door.

High-lift garage doors need longer cables compared to standard-lift doors. For residential garage doors with standard lift, the length of the cable is usually above 18 inches. Any door that is over 14ft, cable of 5/32” diameter is a minimum requirement.

garage door cable replacement mint hill nc

If you have been bothered about what type of cable replacement or repair your door needs, do not fret. At Mint Hill Garage Doors, we understand the different types of doors and their cable requirements.

Our office usually stocks the commonest cables for swifter services in Mint Hill, NC. Do you want us to take a look at your malfunctioning garage door cable? You can speak to our technicians and book a slot for an appointment at 704-815-0711 today.

When to call your reliable cable repair and replacement service provider in Mint Hill, NC?

Narrowing down the problem to garage door cables could be hard. With some tell-tale signs in mind, you can figure out the exact problem before you give us a call.

If you cannot close the garage door completely even when everything looks fine, the problem lies in the cables. Tension cables are paired with tension wires. If the tension cable is too loose, it will not allow the door to close easily. You will see the bottom of the door slam against the floor. Also, the door opener will not engage if there’s slack in the tension cable. 

Garage doors are fitted with emergency release cables. These cables allow you to operate the door manually in case of power cut and when the door gets stuck. But if you cannot pull your door up or down, the emergency release cable may be damaged or stuck.

In general, if your garage door cannot smoothly open and close with no visible damage, the problem is in the cables. You must understand which area of the cable door is stuck or experiencing problems.

Knowing where the problem lies will help you communicate with us better. We will be able to serve you better if you give us more information.

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Repairs or replacements, we have you covered

At Mint Hill Garage Doors, our primary goal is to help you find results that last. Our garage door cable repair and replacement services give you quick and reliable results.

When our technicians inspect the garage door, they check if garage door cable repair would be a good fit or not. As professionals, we try to salvage what we can. We understand that repairs to the door will bring down the overall cost significantly. If a repair is possible for the door, we will willingly do so. But if the damage is extensive, we will advise you to go for replacement.

Before our professionals begin working on the garage door, they will consider the requirements. The first step in our service is to speak to you and understand what you need. If you want us to provide a garage door cable replacement service instead of repairing it, we will.

If you want our professional help with garage door cable replacement and repairs, give a call on the customer care number, 704-815-0711.

Mint Hill Garage Doors for 24*7 garage door cable repair and replacement service

We work around the clock for you. Our professionals understand that garage doors can malfunction without warning. Because of this, we work every day and are available to serve you at any hour.

Our trained professionals will give your prompt answers to your queries. If you want us to visit a location urgently, we will do so. Serving all residential and commercial buildings in Mint Hill, NC, our professionals will give you the correct advice. All you need to do is book an appointment with us.

Whether your garage door cable snapped, or it is frayed, Mint Hill Garage Doors has the answers for you. Our trained professionals will show up on time and fix the issue. Additionally, they will inspect the overall condition of your door to check for other damages.

To serve you better in Mint Hill, NC, our helpline is open 24*7. On holidays, weekdays, or weekends, you can get our services any day by calling at 704-815-0711.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do garage door cables break?

Garage door cables primarily break due to rusting and age. The weather conditions depreciate the quality of the cables leading to fraying. Additionally, using the garage door consistently also causes depreciation to the cables.

Can I operate the door even if I know the cable is damaged?

Operating a garage door with cable malfunctions is a dangerous thing. The cables may snap, which can lead to injuries. If you know that the garage door cable repair service is required, you should leave it to the professionals. Get our expert help and advice by speaking to our technicians on 704-815-0711.

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