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Garage door panels add security and visual appeal to a door. As the panels are completely exposed, atmospheric changes have a direct effect on the surface. Damage to the lower panel of the door is most common. Rodents, rains, and constant sunlight can also damage these panels.

Mint Hill Garage Doors offers you solid and efficient garage panel replacement services. Our trained technicians quickly replace the damaged panels.

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Importance garage door panels replacement service

Damaged panels are a hindrance to the smooth operation of garage doors. But that’s not all. Broken panels leave an open place for intruders and rodents to enter your buildings. They are also easier to break. This compromises the security provided by garage doors to your establishment.

Faulty garage door panels also affect the temperatures inside the garage. Cracks in the panels let hot or cold air pass easily. It leads to temperature fluctuations inside the garage and ruins what you store.

To ensure that your garage and belongings do not sustain damages, it is crucial to fix broken panels. At Mint Hill Garage Doors, we understand that you need a quick and adept garage door panels replacement service.

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garage door panel replacement mint hill nc

Mint Hill Garage Doors: We replace panels only when a repair is not possible

We understand that you need to keep your panel replacement expenses to a minimum. We aim to give you sustainable options and services. We try to repair your garage door panels first.

After you book an appointment, our team will ask you about the condition of your garage door. Our Mint Hill, NC, the team will visit to inspect the condition of the door. If the damage is minimal, we will repair it.

But if your garage door has big cracks and bent panels, we will recommend a garage door panels replacement service. We replace the panels when:

  • The paint on the door begins to crack (for wooden garage door panels)
  • When there are large gaps on the sides even after the door is closed
  • Bent doors, regardless of the material.

Are you wondering if your garage door needs panel replacement? Get our expert help by simply giving us a call at 704-815-0711. Our representatives will give you all the information you need.

Superior garage door panel replacement services in Mint Hill, NC

Our panel replacement services are a one-day job. We show up at the location with the right tools to finish the job as soon as possible. Our team goes through vigorous training to ensure that the quality of the service is not compromised.

When you book an appointment with us, we show you some options for panels. Our experts provide guidance when you are confused. We can replace panels for modern doors as well as traditional wooden garage doors. At Mint Hill Garage Doors, we also provide industry standard guarantees. The last step of our service is to look for gaps and cracks in the replaced panel.

Mint Hill, NC, team’s experts can change the type of panels you want during the replacement service. Do you want us to fix your damaged panels? You can speak to us at 704-815-0711 today.

How does Mint Hill Garage Door make garage door panels replacement easy?

We have a comprehensive process of handling your panel replacement service requests. Here is how we make it easy:

Step by step process of replacement

Whether you request a standard or garage door glass panel replacement service, our experts deliver quality service. We do so by inspecting the door, checking the damaged panels, and understanding the extent of the damage.

After that, our experts will check the available panels. They will discuss your options with you before giving you suggestions for panels. Our experts do not make decisions without consulting with you first.

Transparent transactions

Mint Hill Garage Doors’ transactions are always clear. We provide you with an itemized invoice. If we source spares and components for you, we communicate the prices for the same before making the purchase. Once you agree to the costs of the components, we place the orders for you.

Licensed professionals

Our Mint Hill, NC, team is made up of only licensed professionals. All of the team members go through strenuous training. This gives them the necessary information to answer your queries and service garage doors. Furthermore, all of our experts are soft-spoken and are prompt to respond.

Recommendations and Tips

Our experts not only fix your panels but also provide tips for maintenance. If you’re confused about which panel to choose, they offer recommendations.

Easy Appointments

We serve all areas in Mint Hill, NC. You do not have to visit us personally to book an appointment. You can do so by calling our 24/7 helpline number. If you need to reschedule the appointment, you can use the helpline to do so. 

Mint Hill Garage Doors aims to make the process garage door panels replacement service simpler and faster. If you want us to replace or repair your panels, speak to one of our representatives by calling at 704-815-0711.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can garage door panels lead to property appraisals?

Damaged garage door panels look unpleasing. The added security concerns reduce the overall cost of your property. Repairing or replacing the damaged panels of the garage door will add security and value to your property.

Will the replacement panels match my door’s colors?

At Mint Hill Garage Doors, we try to find the exact fit for your garage doors. Older garage door panels are hard to find. If we cannot find the exact match for the panel, we will use our creativity to add visual appeal to the door. We mix and match to find the right style. Get our creative garage door panels replacement services in Mint Hill, NC, by calling us at 704-815-0711.

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