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Garage door rollers run along the tracks and the sides of the garage door. When the door opens, the rollers slide up the tracks. The mechanism of rollers is reversed when the door is closed.

Larger and heavier doors require deeper tracks with heavy-duty rollers for functionality. To make the movement of rollers easier, motors can be added too.

Mint Hill Garage Doors provides trusted garage door rollers replacement services. We not only repair and replace the rollers but also provide the perfect solution that works smoothly with the garage door. To take our service, get in touch with our executives to request a service at 704-815-0711.

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When do you need garage door replacement service?

As garage door rollers go up and down the tracks regularly, they worn out easily. Sometimes, the rollers experience rapid deterioration. This is quite common with low-quality rollers.

You must know when you need to replace garage door rollers. You can tell that the rollers will need to be replaced when the door begins to jerk or makes noises.

Another way to tell that your garage door rollers need to be replaced is when the door becomes slow. Worn-out rollers interrupt functionality. It is common to experience slower lowering or lifting with bent or damaged rollers.

If the rollers get cracked or crooked, they will jam the door. Operating a garage door with damaged rollers will impair the tracks. In all above cases, the operation of the door becomes impossible. You should not try to lift or close the door without our help manually.

To make sure that you do not run into problems with your door, remember to read the documentation of the parts

garage door rollers replacement mint hill nc

There are some roller types which are meant for temporary usage. These may not last two years. If the lifespan is close to ending, you need to replace them.

If you’ve been looking for garage door rollers replacement services in Mint Hill, NC, then you’re in the right place. You can request our service by speaking to one of our representatives on our customer care number- 704-815-0711.

Mint Hill Garage Doors for top-notch roller replacement service

Our garage door rollers replacement service is a combination of different elements. The first step in replacing rollers is to inspect your door. We consider the type of door, the size, and the existing rollers.

Then, we ask you about the use of your garage door. Understanding how many times you operate your door in a day is crucial as it helps us to find the correct rollers. The rollers used for heavy-duty use and light-duty use are different.

Once we understand what you need, we bring you the right type of rollers. If you want to be worry-free and do not want to change rollers often, we suggest steel rollers with ball bearings. These are tough and last about ten to fifteen years. The only downside to these is that the ball bearings require regular lubrication. Without proper lubrication, the garage door operation gets noisy.

If you do not have budget constraints, then you can even go for better rollers- nylon garage door rollers. These rollers are one of the most expensive choices. However, the price is justified as these are the best options for noiseless and low-maintenance rollers in the market.

If you want to fix garage door rollers on a budget, then plastic rollers are the best option. At Mint Hill Garage Doors, we find solutions that work for your needs. We offer recommendations as well as suggestions if you are not sure which rollers you should select.

Have you been looking for garage door rollers replacement and repair services? Reach out to us for superior service by calling us at 704-815-0711.

Experienced specialists for competent garage door rollers replacement service in Mint Hill, NC

Mint Hill Garage Doors is available to answer service requests at any given time. Stuck garage doors will stress you out and get in the way of your plans. This is why we process your requests the moment you call the helpline number.

Before we replace the rollers, we inspect the door to check if the issue can be repaired. As long as the rollers aren’t damaged, you won’t need a garage door rollers replacement service. Even misaligned rollers can be repaired. However, cracked and broken rollers will send need replacement.

Our Mint Hill, NC, team always has all parts in stock for emergency repairs. These spares are sourced from reputed suppliers. We ensure to test these parts before using them. 

Regardless of when you request our services, we finish the service in a single day. If you need specific rollers or prefer a particular brand, you can let our technicians know about it. They will guide you whether it’s the right choice or not.

Our Mint Hill, NC, specialists unbolt your set-up and put it all back before leaving. Apart from that, the team leaves the documentation regarding the rollers for your guidance. Before finishing up, they make it a point to explain everything about the rollers and their lifespan. If the rollers have a specific number of cycle limits for a day, they will communicate.

Have you been looking for an effective and reliable garage door rollers replacement service? Mint Hill Garage Door is your answer. Book an appointment for a quick service speaking to our executives on our customer care number, 704-815-0711.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I extend the life of the garage door rollers?

Regular lubrication may extend the roller lifespan. Lubrication should be done once every six months to keep the rollers in perfect shape.

What is the best garage door roller option for my door?

The best fit for your door would depend on the size, type, and the kind of use of the door. There are different choices, inexpensive and expensive ones alike. Are you confused with which type of roller to fit the door? Mint Hill Garage Door professionals will find and fit the exact model for your door. Book an appointment by calling us today- 704-815-0711.

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