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Garage door servicing is essential if you wish your garage door has a long working span. With much heavy-duty work, they are prone to damages and depreciation. Of all the components, garage door springs take the most damage.

Springs are responsible for lifting and lowering the garage door. These springs are located on the top and bottom parts of the door.

When it comes to replacing garage door springs, only high-quality springs work well. Mint Hill Garage Doors is here to help you with that. Our technicians provide high-grade springs to go with garage door spring replacement services. We go the extra mile to find the right match for your garage doors.

Our services are available in all areas of Mint Hill, NC. You can get in touch with us by calling on our helpline number, 704-815-0711, today. Our technicians are available around the clock to assist you whenever required.

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Mint Hill Garage Doors for step-by-step garage door spring replacement service

An ill-judged service will not fix your garage door spring difficulties. At Mint Hill Garage Doors, we know what a garage door needs. When you book an appointment for garage door spring replacement services, we follow the steps below for better service:

Step 1: Ask questions

The first step always entails understanding the type of door you have. This helps us understand the kind of tools and parts you’ll need. In addition to that, we also ask you the details of the issues for better understanding and doing necessary preparation.

Step 2: Assembling parts

Before we head out to the location, we assemble the parts for the service. Mint Hill Garage Doors only uses branded components and parts.

If we do not have the exact spring for your garage door, we will source it. We have a large network of trusted suppliers. We order the springs you will need and acquire them at the earliest.

garage door spring replacement mint hill nc

Step 3: Inspection

Mint Hill Garage Doors does not begin any service without inspections. Our technicians will check the door. We will make notes of parts that need repairs and replacements.

Step 4: Consultations with you

After inspections, we will speak to you about the requirements. Our technicians will tell you what can be done with the door. If repairs aren’t possible, we will suggest a garage door spring replacement service right away. Bear in mind the garage door spring repair cost will be significantly lower in comparison to other service providers.

Step 5: Replacement service

After discussions, we will begin our service. A spring replacement only takes a day to finish. Our technicians will work on the door ensuring that they cause no disturbance. We will unbolt the garage door assembly, remove the existing springs, and put the new ones at their place.

Step 6: Security checks and clean up

After the replacement is finished, our technicians will check if there are persisting faults. Furthermore, they will perform a security check in front of you as well. Once satisfied with the checks, they will clean up and leave.

Have you been looking for experienced hands for garage spring replacement in Mint Hill, NC? We are here to help. You can speak to our representatives at 704-815-0711 and book a slot today.

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Customer-centric services

Our services begin and end with you. Professionals at Mint Hill Garage Doors understand what you need. We listen to you and also offer you expert recommendations wherever required.

Quality services

Our professionals go through intensive training as per industry standards. They answer your service requests with the right tools and knowledgeable solutions that work.

Free Estimates

If you’ve been wondering about the garage door spring replacement service’s cost, then all you need to do is call our customer care. Our representatives will give a clear breakdown of the costs.

Long-term goals

Our technicians understand that the garage door services should last a long time. Mint Hill Garage Door professionals are honest about details. If a repair does the job for the long-term, we will say so. However, if replacement is the best solution, we will let you know that too.

Clear Pricing

Our service charges are transparent. We charge you for the service you ask for, nothing more. With us, you do not have to worry about hidden costs.

Service for all types of doors

Our technicians are equipped to handle automatic, semi-automatic, and manual garage doors. We service all types of commercial and residential garage doors.

Service for all types of doors

Our technicians are equipped to handle automatic, semi-automatic, and manual garage doors. We service all types of commercial and residential garage doors.

Mint Hill Garage Doors maintenance tips for better garage door springs

Garage door springs are prone to rusting due to atmospheric changes. High humid areas, such as Mint Hill, NC, weaken the springs over time. Wear and tear are another reason for damage.

To maintain the springs, all you need to do is lubricate them. Lubrication should be done once every three months. During high humidity months, lubricating the springs often to reduce damage.

If you need more tips to maintain your garage door springs, get in touch with us. Mint Hill Garage Door technicians will provide suggestions for quick and easy maintenance. Our representatives are available on our customer care number, 704-815-0711.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my garage door unbalanced because of faulty springs?

Yes, faulty and damaged springs make your door unbalanced. To check the balance, simply pull the emergency release cord and let your door hang. If the door is completely still, then the springs aren’t faulty.

What kind of lubrication should be used for garage door spring maintenance?

You can lubricate the springs with store-bought grease. However, white lithium grease works the best. Mint Hill Garage Doors can help you find the lubricant as well as robust garage door spring replacement whenever required. You can speak to us today and book an appointment at 704-815-0711.

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