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Garage door tracks provide support and ease of movement to garage doors. They are extremely crucial for your doors as they hold the rollers in place. 

As the tracks guide the door to open and close, they are used continuously because of which these become damaged over time. One of the primary issues with tracks is bending due to heavy load. This does not allow for easy operation and jams your garage door.

Our skilled technicians provide our round-the-clock garage door track replacement services. Working quickly, they fix any garage door track problems without worry.

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Why do garage door tracks fail?

Garage doors are tough, but the tracks are quite delicate. Despite being made of reinforced steel, the tiniest of forces leave an impact. One of the primary reasons why a garage door off track occurs is the vehicle collision impact.

Constant use of garage doors makes room for inward or outward bending of the tracks. In both cases, the door becomes inoperable.

One of the lesser-known reasons for bent tracks is worn-out rollers. Using a garage door with worn-out rollers puts extra pressure on the garage door tracks. This leads to unequal pressure and weight on the tracks.

Damaged garage door cables also lead to bending or off-track doors. Faulty lift cables can snap at any time, leaving the weight to fall on the sides. This will lead to bent tracks. In some cases, the entire track can come off due to uneven weight distribution.

With that said, it is evident that your garage door needs reliable services. To book a garage door track replacement slot with Mint Hill Garage Doors, place a call at 704-815-0711.

garage door track replacement mint hill nc

When do you need garage door track replacement services?

Garage door off track is not the only reason why you will need a track replacement. Tracks are specific to different types and sizes of doors. If you’re replacing or upgrading a door, you will need a garage door track replacement.

Additionally, tracks should be replaced when you see the rails begin to wear out. Worn-out rails open the tracks and make the door frame lose. This leads to accidents and injuries.

If you have found some irregularities with your garage door tracks, make sure to call professionals. Calling professionals before the tracks are entirely bent and damaged will help you find affordable alternatives.

At Mint Hill Garage Doors, we not only provide you garage door track replacement services but also repair services. If you call us when you spot some wear and tear, we will repair the tracks.

However, bear in mind, repair services are not a long-term fix to your problems. A repair is a good option for you if you are running on a tight budget.

Are you facing garage door track problems in Mint Hill, NC? Please speak to our representative today at 704-815-0711 to make an appointment and solve your issues.

Swift and reliable garage door track replacement services in Mint Hill, NC

Do you want on-track garage doors? Mint Hill Garage Doors is here to make that happen. Our helpline number, 704-815-0711, is open around the clock.

With a team of trained professionals, we ensure that your garage doors are completely functional. Our professionals understand that different types of garage doors require different kinds of additions and elements.

Furthermore, they will ask you about the requirements before giving you a rundown of the service. Our services are quick and reliable because:

Attention to detail

Our professionals will inspect your door. Before replacing the tracks, they will ensure that every hinge and bolt is unscrewed. Once the service is completed, they screw them back in place.

Correct knowledge

Be it a commercial or residential building, our technicians will fix it for you. Commercial garage doors require heavier components. Our Mint Hill, NC, team keeps a stock of the common spares needed for all types of garage doors.

Transparent process

Our professionals make it a point to describe the garage door track replacement service to you. If you have some questions, they will answer all of them. Furthermore, they will ensure that you understand the process of replacement and the costs for the same. Our service does not have any hidden costs.

Same-day deliveries

Our technicians are adept and trained to finish track replacements quickly. The Mint Hill, NC team arrives at the location with all the equipment they will need on the same day and try their best to complete the replacement rapidly.

24/7 availability

Mint Hill Garage Door professionals are available at any time. Be it on holiday or in the middle of the night, our technicians will come over to fix your garage door problems.

Spare parts availability

Our office has a variety of high-grade spares in stock. We understand that you can need these parts anytime. We source our spare parts and components only from reputed suppliers.

Are you looking for an accurate garage door track replacement in Mint Hill, NC? Get our help, speak to our representatives at 704-815-0711 to book an appointment.

Garage Door Installation - Frequently Asked Questions

Should I operate my garage door with bent tracks?

You should not operate your garage doors with bent tracks. The door will get stuck or will fall on you. This leads to serious injuries. When you see damages on the tracks, be sure to call professionals.

What happens when I do not get the tracks replaced?

A damaged garage door will lead to many problems. It can get stuck, compromising security. It can fall on you as you operate it, causing serious injuries. It can even cause property damage. Instead of waiting to see if you need a garage door track replacement, call us when you see irregularities. Book an appointment with us by calling us at 704-815-0711.

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